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Best Advice for Umrah: 10 Key Tips to Prepare for Umrah Journey

Apr 17, 2024

Every Muslim worldwide desires to embark on the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah at least once in their lifetime, even though it is not obligatory like the Hajj. Having the best advice for Umrah can help, as this critical spiritual act of worship can bring devout Muslims closer to the Almighty Allah. They seek forgiveness of their sins, renew their faith, and hope to lead better, holier, and more fulfilled lives.

While you can perform Umrah as many times as you want in a year and your lifetime, learn how to prepare for Umrah if this is your first pilgrimage. The following guide contains prudent advice and tips for Umrah, ensuring you have a fulfilling spiritual journey.

Top Pieces of Advice Before Leaving for Umrah

Take the following pieces of advice for Umrah from those who’ve already been to the Holy Land and performed this blessed ritual. Prepare for Umrah and have an intensely transformative journey, unlike anything you’ll ever experience in life!

  1. Learn How to Do Umrah

To know how to prepare for Umrah, the first step is to find a reliable guide or source. This is crucial, as the information you seek and learn about Umrah, Makkah, Madinah, and other aspects of the Holy journey need to be genuine. So, find authentic information outlining all the rules for Umrah in detail. Ensure to learn all the Umrah prayers and the points (steps of the ritual) at which to perform each. Once you are confident in your ability to perform the lesser pilgrimage successfully, you can start browsing for affordable Umrah packages from the UK.

  1. Prepare for Umrah

The best piece of advice for Umrah you'll receive is to ensure you're well prepared to undertake the demanding sacred journey. Since the steps of Umrah demand competent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual compliance, you need to be prepared in all these areas before leaving for the pilgrimage. So, while you learn Umrah prayers and make dua while leaving home, expect to encounter large crowds of fellow pilgrims in Makkah (or Mecca). Watch videos, read guides, and access any other resources that can help you deal with any possible situation during your trip.

  1. Know Ihram Rules

Ihram is a holy state of single-mindedness that one must enter as part of Umrah preparation. But it also refers to the clothing pilgrims must adorn upon reaching the Miqat. Ihram is integral to perform Umrah, and there is a specific way to go about wearing the single piece of unstitched clothing. For instance, men aren't allowed to cover their heads with the Ihram, so avoid this. Also, Umrah rules state that one must not use perfumes and scented soaps when wearing Ihram - a rule which many pilgrims may unknowingly flout. So, learn everything about Ihram well ahead of your Umrah tour.

  1. Keep Your Paperwork and Luggage Ready

Getting all your travel documents ready is a significant part of Umrah preparation. Leaving it for the last moment can result in delays or even cancellation of your Umrah trip. So, ready your Umrah Visa, passport, insurance, vaccination certificates, medical prescriptions (if any), and other important documents. Keep them in a secure file and make copies of each as a backup in case anything goes missing. Likewise, knowing what to pack and adding a name tag to your luggage is paramount, making it easier to find it if it’s lost or missing.

  1. Plan Your Umrah Trip

Once you know how to prepare for Umrah mentally, spiritually, physically, and in other essential aspects, you can begin planning your journey. This involves selecting the right travel dates, hotel, Umrah package type (such as all inclusive), etc. Typically, it's best to opt for all inclusive Umrah deals covering flights, hotels, meals, laundry, Ziyarat, airport transfers, and ground transportation - all combined into a single affordable price tag. It is equally crucial to pick the right travel companion, as you can encourage each other to perform Umrah correctly, offering blessed company throughout the sacred journey.

  1. Ensure Rawdah Visit

One of the chief Umrah rules is to know when to visit Rawdah for prayers and to honour the blessed Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It is a pivotal piece of paradise located within the Prophet's (PBUH) mosque in Madinah, outlined in all Umrah guidelines. The ideal time for a Rawdah visit for men is during the night, when there are fewer people vying for space in the small, sacred area. Women have separate timings for Rawdah visits, and it is advisable to inquire about these before heading out to the holy site.

  1. Plan Ziyarat Tours

The most crucial piece of advice for Umrah is to plan your Ziyarat tours carefully. Book packages with a reliable Umrah agency that can include these tours in your Umrah package, eliminating the hassle of planning them separately. Visit multiple holy sites in Madinah for Ziyarat, including Jabal E Uhud, Masjid E Qiblatain, Beer E Ghars, and Masjid E Quba (pray 2 Rak'ahs here for reaping Umrah's rewards). Ziyarat to Makkah is equally vital when you perform Umrah, visiting sacred sites like the Cave of Hira, Jannal-Ul-MuAlla, Masjid Nimra, Jabal E Rehmat, Muzdalifah, and the Cave of Sour.

  1. Make Appropriate Duas

When you prepare for Umrah, ask your loved ones for forgiveness to part on amicable terms. You, too, must forgive all wrongdoings against you, bearing no ill-will while embarking on this pious mission. Make appropriate dua for going to Umrah, from prayers at the doorstep and duas during travelling, to dua when you reach the Holy Land. Ask your family and friends to make dua before travel, so you receive comfort and security under the Almighty Allah's protection. Make a list of duas for everyone and recite them along the way, showing Allah how much you love His creation, by praying for each loved one.

  1. Keep in Touch with Family

Although sending “leaving for Umrah messages” to your loved ones back home is a good idea, you should also keep in touch with them once you embark on the blessed pilgrimage. If you possess a smartphone, you can download permitted applications to stay in contact with family, also allowing them to send you Umrah wishes. It is advisable to inquire about the roaming charges beforehand to avoid excessive fees. Fortunately, many Makkah and Madinah hotels offer free Wi-Fi, so you can call home without any additional charges and leave an Umrah message to family members waiting to hear from you.

  1. Perform Acts of Charity

Performing Zakat (or charity) is more than just one of the essential Umrah steps. It is among the most significant pillars of Islam itself, demanding that all pilgrims perform the obligated duties expected of them when they intend to embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. While aiding those in need can help you prepare for Umrah, it also pleases Allah Almighty that you care for His creation. So, perform Zakat before getting on your flight for Umrah, in the form of monetary donations, food, clothes, and other necessities.


  • Is Umrah obligatory in Islam?

No, unlike Hajj, the lesser pilgrimage of Umrah is not an obligatory act in Islam. However, it carries significant blessings, and Muslims who are capable of embarking on this journey should do so at least once in their lifetime. So, learn how to prepare for Umrah and make your way to the Holy Land at your convenience.

  • What is Zakat?

Zakat is charity toward the poor and needy that all aspiring Umrah pilgrims must perform. One of the most crucial tips for Umrah pilgrims is to perform Zakat in the form of food, clothes, money, and any other essential way before setting off on the spiritual journey.

  • What is Ihram?

Ihram is a holy state of single-mindedness that pilgrims must enter as part of their Umrah preparation. Ihram is also the single piece of unstitched clothing they must adorn upon reaching the Miqat. Knowing the right way to wear this and what to avoid when in Ihram is intrinsic to learning how to do Umrah correctly.

  • What is Wudu?

Another of the most important Umrah steps, Wudu (or ablution) is the cleansing act in which pilgrims wash their face, feet, arms, ears, and other specified body parts before putting on Ihram clothing. Pilgrims must redo Wudu and begin again if it breaks during their Umrah rituals.

  • How easy is it to get an Umrah Visa?

An Umrah Visa is vital if you wish to perform this sacred pilgrimage, and it can be challenging to obtain one on your own. To prepare for Umrah more effectively and in a short time, pick an Umrah travel agency that can help you obtain an Umrah Visa as part of their Umrah package services at affordable costs.

  • Can I perform Salah on the plane?

Yes, you can. You can look out the plane window and offer Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha to perform Salah. It is all about your clear intentions, and Allah Almighty will surely accept your Salah if done with a pure heart. You should also make dua while travelling for Umrah, seeking safety, guidance, peace, and success on your pilgrimage, besides well-being of loved ones back home.

  • Is there any other way to travel for Umrah besides plane?

Most Muslims worldwide need to journey via plane to get to the Holy Land for their Umrah pilgrimage. However, if you are travelling from the UAE, you can opt for a bus service from Dubai or Sharjah. An uber-comfortable way to travel, journeying via bus is an excellent piece of advice for Umrah you can consider using.

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