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How Do You Wish Someone Well for Their Umrah Journey?

Mar 20, 2024

Heartfelt Things to Say and Do to Show Your Support

Many people struggle with how to wish a loved one or a friend about to go on Umrah, especially if it's their first journey. But knowing the right things to say and do when you hear someone is going for Umrah can make a major difference in their attitude toward the sacred ritual.

There are many quotes about Umrah you can use to encourage travellers heading to the holy city of Makkah. To begin with, what you can first do is refer to a comprehensive list of important duas which you can say for the pilgrims. Moreover, you can also request your loved ones about to go on their journey to make prayers for you as they make their way to the holy house of Allah. You can then send them messages of comfort and support, showing your encouragement for their impending travel.

But first,

Understand the Importance of the Ritual to them

A key step in responding correctly to your kin going on their first (of many, hopefully) Umrah is to understand why this revered act of worship is important for them. Remember that this blessed pilgrimage is an invitation by Allah Almighty himself, making it an incredible honour for any Muslim embarking on it.

The sole aim and intention of anyone performing this holy ritual is to seek forgiveness for their sins and Ibadah. For this, they will need to perform a specific set of physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually demanding rituals to complete the pilgrimage successfully.

Keeping all these in mind, offering words of reassurance can make a major difference in how pilgrims perceive the act of worship. It is widely accepted to meet and embrace them before they leave for the journey, offering Umrah wishes in person. You can wish them many blessings and luck, offer salah, and make dua if possible.

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What to Do When Someone is Going for Umrah?

Well, the very first and most appropriate thing to do is say may Allah accept your Umrah to someone going on this remarkable, life-changing journey. To make things clearer and more precise, here are a few other helpful and heartening ways to respond to your Muslim brothers and sisters going for Umrah:

  • Make Dua for their Safe Journey: Offering dua for someone going on Umrah is among the most blessed things you can do to show your solidarity with them. There are many Duas to choose from, and you can say as many of them as seem fit to you. Pick the ones that cover their departure, travels, arrival in the holy land, and the ritual itself, making supplication that they return safe and successful.
  • Request them to Pray for You: Since a pilgrimage to the holy Makkah takes one on an intense spiritual journey to the Almighty, prayers are answered during travel and at the Kaaba. Therefore, it is recommended to request friends, family, and acquaintances going on Umrah to pray for you.
  • Assist them in Making a Prayer List: Besides offering kind Umrah wishes, it can be a significant help to assist someone in making a prayer list for their voyage, ensuring they have everything and everyone covered with their ardent duas. Don’t forget to encourage them to pray for all their loved ones back home once they are in the holy land.
  • Offer Help in Other Ways: People need to handle several personal tasks before they can go on their pilgrimage. This could include taking care of their children's needs, clearing bills, and other crucial things. Offer monetary help, if possible, and assistance in various household chores to make their travel smoother and worry-free.

What Do You Say When Someone is Going to Umrah?

What do you say to someone before they go to Umrah? Although saying may Allah accept your Umrah is the foremost thing to do, you can also give them a heartfelt Umrah message for a blessed journey. The following are 10 touching Umrah Mubarak wishes to consider conveying to your kin going to holy Makkah for this sacred pilgrimage.

  1. May Allah be delighted with your faith and grant acceptance of all your duas. May the Almighty also fill your life with great happiness!
  2. May your Umrah bring you peace, purify your soul, and draw you closer to Allah. Wishing you a blessed journey of faith.
  3. May Allah's blessings enlighten your spirit and path, strengthen your faith, and bring your heart joy as you embark on this sacred voyage.
  4. Heartfelt Umrah wishes for a rewarding and peaceful journey! May each step you take toward the house of God bring you closer to Him.
  5. May Allah Almighty shine upon you and bring all your wishes and dreams to come true. Umrah Mubarak!
  6. I send my warmest greetings to you and wish you success on your blessed Umrah. May Allah accept your devotion!
  7. May Allah send showers of blessings on your life by accepting your pilgrimage. Wishing you a successful and happy Umrah!
  8. May Allah guide you to spend much time on self-reflection, prayers, and seeking forgiveness.
  9. Wishing you a blessed, beautiful, and fulfilling journey. May the Almighty be gracious to you and grant all your duas and supplications.
  10.  I wish your Umrah pilgrimage becomes a pivotal stepping stone for you to lead a more righteous, joyful, and devoted life. May the abundant blessings of Allah be upon you always!

How Do You Wish a Safe Journey to Someone Going to Makkah (Mecca)?

Although sending beautiful Umrah Mubarak wishes and messages to those going to the holy land for this sacred ritual helps, you can also send Umrah messages specifically to wish them safety. Here are a few powerful Umrah Mubarak quotes to say to your kin and close friends going to the holy Makkah for their pilgrimage:

  1. May Allah be gracious to you and grant you safety and blessings on your journey.
  2. May Allah take you to the holy land, keep you out of harm’s way, and bring you back safely.
  3. Wishing you safe travels as you find divine guidance and inspiration in the holy land.
  4. May your pilgrimage open doors to a wealth of blessings, spiritual renewal and the forgiveness of sins. Safe travels!
  5. May Allah bless you with a safe and blissful journey to the holy land.
  6. May the angels of Allah Almighty take you on your journey and protect you throughout. Wishing you a blessed experience.
  7. May you find irreversible peace and joy as you surrender to the will of Allah on you Umrah journey . Wishing you safe travels.
  8. I wish you safe travels as you endeavour to attain closeness to Allah by performing Umrah. May you find peace and joy in His holy presence.
  9. May you go and return safely on your Umrah, and I pray that your journey becomes a powerful source of inspiration and strength in your life and a light to others.
  10.  May Allah be a refuge to you. May He be gracious to you, grant you safety, and enlighten the path for you.

By doing the above and wishing those going for Umrah safety and success, you will encourage and lift their spirits immensely. In addition to congratulating them on their voyage, you must also ask Allah to invite you for a pilgrimage as well.

Ultimately, stepping onto the holy land to visit the house of Allah is a dream every Muslim must see fulfilled at least once in their lifetime.

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