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Umrah is a minor but significant sacred Islamic pilgrimage that millions of Muslims take each year to the Holy city of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. They go to renew their faith, lift up their needs in prayer, seek forgiveness, and be cleansed of past sins. Although not obligatory, an Umrah trip can have a profound effect on a Muslim's life, as it is a voluntary act of worship, love, and devotion toward the Almighty. You can secure a package for Umrah as many times a year as you want, since it is permissible to perform it multiple times a year.

A chief reason to book Umrah tours with us is that we offer ATOL-protection to keep your finances safe. In addition, our deals feature transparent pricing and are affordable all through the year, allowing you to book packages at super-low deposits. You also have the option to pay monthly, ensuring you book customisable luxury packages that enable you to stay at top hotels and fly with reputable airlines of your choice. We have experienced and knowledgeable travel experts to provide valuable itinerary planning assistance to help include Ziyarat tours. Finally, our robust customer support will provide all possible help from the beginning or your trip right until you get back home.

Umrah holiday packages are a crucial travel deal that includes all the necessary arrangements for your blessed spiritual journey to Mecca. This includes your flights, accommodation in the Holy cities of Mecca or Medina, and Ziyarat tours. Booking an Umrah tour package takes the hassle out of making these arrangements separately by yourself. It can also be cheaper, since the cost of these expenses is typically factored in and included in a single affordable price tag.

As a rule, most foreign pilgrims need to apply for an Umrah Visa to undertake this vital pilgrimage. However, Muslim citizens in the UK possessing a valid passport can book packages for Umrah using a Saudi Arabia tourist eVisa. It is also important to remember that UK citizens approved for an Umrah Visa must also carry travel insurance (mandatory) to cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise during their trip/stay to KSA.

There are no age restrictions when booking an Umrah holiday by itself. But the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah stipulates that the minimum age to perform the Umrah is five years. Subsequently, children aged five and over must have the necessary Visa to perform the Holy pilgrimage. Nevertheless, infants and children younger than two can still access the Grand Mosque when they are escorted by their parents. You can book cheap family Umrah packages with us all year-round.

It is not allowed to book an Umrah trip solely for the purpose of undertaking the minor Holy pilgrimage during the Hajj season. But you can secure a package to perform Umrah after Ramadan even on a tourist Visa, making Ramadan Umrah deals incredibly popular among pilgrims who wish to undertake the journey of faith during this blessed month. You can also scout our portal for affordable Umrah packages 2024 and plan a trip in advance.

Umrah cost can be significantly higher during Ramadan as a majority of pilgrims choose this Holy month to undertake the pilgrimage, as it is believed that the rewards of performing Umrah during Ramadan are manifold. Inevitably, prices can be much higher as millions of devout Muslims visit Saudi Arabia at this time. Nonetheless, you can reserve Umrah packages Ramadan with us at incredibly low prices and a monthly pay option, making your dreams of undertaking the Holy pilgrimage at this pivotal time come true.

Generally, UK Umrah packages are cheapest in October, as prices are slashed by more than half following the Hajj season. September and November are also cheap months to enjoy securing luxury Umrah deals, and you can pick any 3 to 5-star hotel you wish to stay in during your trip. Besides cheap October Umrah packages, we provide affordable Ramadan Umrah tours as well, making it possible for you to take this sacred pilgrimage during the Holy month.

The Saudi Ministry of health requires pilgrims to meet a number of vaccination and health criteria to gain entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. It includes vaccinations for Yellow Fever, Meningococcal Meningitis, and Poliomyelitis, especially for those travelling from countries with a risk of these diseases. The ministry also requires those booking Umrah packages Ramadan or at other times of the year to be vaccinated against Seasonal Influenza, especially those at a higher risk of contracting it - children under five, pregnant women, elderly persons, and pilgrims with pre-existing health ailments.

The exact length of time it takes to book a package suitable for your requirements depends on your travel specifics. For instance, if you have a tourist Visa and are prepared to book a spontaneous Umrah trip from the UK, you can select an existing deal from our portal and customise it to your liking. Plan My Umrah also offers the best Umrah packages UK pilgrims seek during peak seasons, making the purchase quick and more affordable with low deposits and monthly pay options.

There are multiple benefits to booking Umrah holiday packages. These include: Comfort and Convenience: When you book all inclusive luxury Umrah deals, all the arrangements are made for you, so you don't have to worry about organising flights, accommodation, or Ziyarat tours by yourself. Financial Security: You can be confident that your money is ATOL-protected and that your pivotal spiritual journey will go smoothly. Value for money: Umrah packages 5 star and otherwise offer excellent value for money, as they include all the essential elements of your pilgrimage. Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose the dates and length of your Umrah trip to suit your needs.

There are a few fundamental things to consider when choosing Umrah packages 2023/2024 to find the most suitable one for you. These include: Budget: You should be clear on how much you are willing to spend on your Umrah journey, especially when travelling in a group, as it means spending on more than one person. Specific Preferences: Determine the type of accommodation and facilities you are looking for, as these are vital components that can impact the overall cost of an Umrah holiday. Travel Dates: Knowing when you want to travel to Saudi Arabia can help you pick the best available hotel and on-ground transport. Typically, you can avail of the cheapest Umrah offers by keeping your travel dates flexible. Group Size: Are you making the pilgrimage alone, with family, or with a group of friends? The answer to this will help you find the cheapest deal for your journey of faith.

At the outset, it is critical to understand that Hajj and Umrah are both sacred Islamic pilgrimages that Muslims worldwide perform to seek forgiveness, strengthen their faith, be cleansed of their past sins, and seek blessings of the Almighty. A key difference between the two is that while Hajj is an obligatory pilgrimage that every Muslim who can afford it must take, Umrah is a voluntary one. Also, Hajj can be performed only at a specific time, while you can take an Umrah trip any time of the year. Umrah can also be performed more than once in the same year. Finally, Umrah is deemed a shorter or mini pilgrimage and it can be completed in a couple of hours. In contrast, Hajj is a major spiritual journey and one of the crucial pillars of Islam.

Many pilgrims from the UK book Umrah packages 5 star deals around Easter as this season is surprisingly budget-friendly. That’s because a majority of travellers pick the Holy month of Ramadan to undertake the sacred journey, leaving Easter season with fewer pilgrims in comparison and leading to money-saving deals. You can book low-cost Easter Umrah packages with us even at the last minute, ensuring you enjoy excellent value for money. Since Muslims in the UK avail of at least 12 days of Easter holidays, you can book your Umrah trip for any length of time you desire.

There are countless perks to securing Umrah package with flights, accommodation, and Ziyarat tours - all in one. To begin with, the overall cost of the entire holiday is consolidated under a single price tag, saving you the hassle of spending excessively on any single aspect of the pilgrimage. Secondly, it eliminates the trouble of having to seek reliable, hygienic, and safe accommodation by yourself, as all inclusive cheap Umrah packages from UK feature top hotels in the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina. If you can manage to keep your travel dates flexible, and possibly off-season, you can enjoy all inclusive Umrah tours at even cheaper prices.

One of the most advantageous things about booking packages to Umrah with us is that you can customise the deal to include any hotel of your choice. Depending on your preference, you can pick a top-rated hotel offering all inclusive options or an ordinary accommodation providing a decent, hygienic, and safe stay. You can also choose flexible family Umrah packages, picking suites that can comfortably accommodate at least 3 to 4 people.

Yes, you absolutely can. When you book with reliable Umrah tour operators like us, you have the flexibility to add a stop-over of your choice to Umrah packages all inclusive deals. Take your pick of top destinations like Dubai, Morocco, and others, enjoying a rejuvenating holiday alongside your sacred pilgrimage. However, remember that adding a stop-over to your package for Umrah is often subject to availability depending on the travel season.

Yes, we do. We provide personalised Umrah packages 2023/2024 to include Ziyarat tours that will enhance your Holy pilgrimage of faith. We are directly linked to service providers in Saudi Arabia, and can arrange for ground transportation to pick you up right at the hotel and take you for Ziyarat to as many Holy sites as you choose. In the Holy city of Mecca, you can visit significant sites like the Jannatul Mualla, Masjid e Aisha, Hira Cave, and the cave of Thawr. In the Holy city of Medina, you can visit revered places like Masjid e Nabvi, Jabal Uhud, Masjid e Quba, and Masjid e Ghamama.

Yes, you can. You have absolute freedom to customise your Umrah tour package in the exact way you want it. You can change the travel dates as per your convenience and add as many co-pilgrims as you wish to, booking a hotel that can accommodate you comfortably. You can also secure Umrah packages December 2023 with Ziyarate tours, personalising it to your liking. However, note that certain hotel deals or airlines might not be available during the dates of your pilgrimage, based on availability. So, consider keeping your travel dates flexible if you want specific service providers. Alternatively, you can include other, equally reputable ones in your package.

It is mandatory for women under the age of 45 to be accompanied by a Mahram (male relative) when performing Umrah, primarily for safety and security reasons. However, women over 45 can book packages for Umrah without a Mahram, provided they travel in an organised group or accompany family members. You can choose from a myriad of packages on our website and customise one to a women-only tour, ensuring it meets all the essential guidelines.

If you consider overall Umrah cost and weather conditions, the best time to undertake this sacred pilgrimage is from October to April. The climate is cooler at this time, allowing you to complete the physically demanding pilgrimage with a little more ease. Also, the crowds are generally fewer during October, so plan your Holy journey likewise. You can also plan ahead and book affordable Umrah packages 2024 for a single or multiple trips, picking dates according to your convenience. Our Ramadan Umrah tours are also quite popular, as many pilgrims desire to complete their sacred pilgrimage during this Holiest of celebratory months.

Although our cheap Umrah packages 2023 London are highly popular, you can reserve Umrah packages Birmingham as well. Many pilgrims also seek our affordable Umrah packages Manchester onward, booking cheap deals all through the year. Finally, you can also consider securing Umrah packages Glasgow and Umrah packages Bradford onward as well. The idea is to travel from a place in the UK most comfortable and convenient to you.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently announced that Umrah pilgrims can visit any of the cities (or regions) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during their 30-day Visa period. This was not permitted earlier, and you could visit only Jeddah, Makkah, and Medina on an Umrah Visa. Subsequently, you can now personalise Umrah packages from UK to include travel to various cities in KSA, depending on the length of your stay, travel needs, and other pivotal criteria.

A Rawdah Permit is an important and essential document that allows pilgrims and visitors to access the sacred Rawdah area within the revered Prophet's Mosque in the Holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. The noble Rawdah is a highly venerated and sought-after area for prayer and supplication when performing the Umrah.

The Rawdah is the sacred area between the eastern boundary of the tomb of the revered Prophet Muhammad and the western boundary of Minbar Nabawi. It is one of the most blessed and spiritually significant areas within the revered Prophet's Mosque. It is believed that this holy area is a part of the Garden of Paradise, and the prayers pilgrims and visitors offer in this area are said to be particularly auspicious.

To get a Rawdah Permit, pilgrims must go through a specific application process established by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. The application process may quite possibly require the assistance of a tour operator or travel agency, and it often involves providing personal information and abiding by certain rules and guidelines.

In general, Rawdah permits are available to Muslims and Umrah pilgrims who wish to visit the revered Prophet's Mosque in the Holy city of Medina. However, specific eligibility criteria, rules, and regulations may vary, depending on the circumstance of the visit. Therefore, it is essential to check the details about this well in advance with the relevant authorities or tour operators for the most up-to-date information.

Visitors to the blessed Rawdah area are expected to strictly follow certain rules and etiquette, which may generally include maintaining a high level of reverence and dressing modestly. It also includes refraining from loud and obnoxious conversations or disruptive behaviour. Moreover, it is customary to offer prayers and supplications while in the holy Rawdah area.

The best time to apply for a Rawdah Permit depends on your individual travel plans and the specific requirements of the respective authorities. It is advisable to plan a visit and apply for the permit well in advance of your trip, especially if you intend to travel to the Holy city during peak pilgrimage seasons, such as for Umrah, or special religious occasions like Ramadan.

Yes, the issuance of Rawdah Permits may involve certain fees. However, the exact amount will vary depending on the travel agency or another arrangement through which you decide to obtain the vital permit. Note that these charges may cover the administrative costs and services.

The required documentation for a Rawdah permit may typically include a valid passport, Visa, and any additional documents or information requested by the authorities or the travel agency you choose to rely on. Remember that specific requirements are subject to change over time, depending on the authorities’ directives. So, it's crucial to check the newest rules and guidelines when applying for a Rawdah permit.

No, you cannot. While it is possible to visit the revered Prophet's Mosque in the Holy city of Medina without a Rawdah Permit, access to the noble Rawdah area itself is typically restricted to visitors with valid permits. It is absolutely essential to respect these rules and regulations to maintain the sanctity of the area during your visit.
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