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Privacy Policy

We use the personal information you give us to identify your specific preferences and match them to relevant products and services on our portal. It helps us process accurate bookings and reservations through our website. This data also helps us address inquiries and process reservations more quickly and smoothly.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. The following privacy policy explains at length how we collect and use your personal information, while giving you the option to limit our use of the data you provide us with.


You consent to our collecting and using the information you provide us with when you use our website to make reservations and bookings. Your data controller is Plan My Tour Ltd. You are entitled to a copy of your information held by us. If you would like to avail this, please contact our executives to make the request. We may charge a nominal fee for providing this service/information to you. If you do not agree to our terms of use and/or Privacy Policy, please refrain from accessing and using our site.

Data Security & Privacy

As mandated by the UK Data Protection Act of 1984 and 1998, Plan My Umrah follows strict security protocols in the storage and disclosure of customer data given to us at the time of booking or inquiry. We constantly update our security measures to ensure there is no unauthorised access to personal information. For this reason, we might occasionally ask you for proof of identity before disclosing any sensitive information to you. We use sophisticated tracking software to carefully monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to keep modifying and developing the design and layout of our website so it meets the needs of visitors more accurately. Please note that this software does not enable us to capture any personally identifying information.

Plan My Umrah does not sell, rent, or trade your personal information in any other way with other businesses, agencies, organisations, or individuals. We never disclose passenger information to any person or organisation without your consent, unless there is an emergency crisis or situation that requires it, or if we are legally obligated to do so.

Collecting & Sharing Data

Our customer contact centre is designed to assist you with any misgivings or confusions you may have. Our aim is to ensure you are confident and secure when buying a holiday through us. To make this happen, we collect data on you from various sources: (i)when you buy products or services from the website or over the telephone, (ii)when you speak to our customer services personnel, (iii)via explicit data capture measures, such as taking surveys or when customers enter competitions, and (iv)via implicit data capture measures, such as studying the pages you read the most and the use of cookies. The data we collect could be personal in any of the above cases. We also ask you where or how you heard about Plan My Umrah, and we use this information to analyse the efficacy of the various publicity campaigns we run.

To process booking your reservation, we have to disclose/share your personal data to third parties. This typically includes: (i)providing your booking details to tour operators, hotel/accommodation providers, transfer and Ziyarat tours providers, and other service providers associated with booking the services you require and for their administration; and (ii)passing on your credit/debit card details to our travel booking agent(s) so they can process your payment without hassles. We may use your information and may also make the information you supply us with available to select companies for the purpose of contacting you with regard to specific products and/or services that may be of interest to you. Under the unlikely circumstance of a third party purchasing all or part of our assets, or in the unlikely event of us being declared insolvent or ceasing to trade, your data would be deemed a business asset and would be shared with any such purchaser or successor to the business.

Links & Promotional Messages

For added convenience to you, we have included links to other websites on our portal that you might find useful. Please note that any such links to other websites you find on our platform are owned and/or operated by third parties, and hence, are not within our control. Please understand that these external third-party websites are not covered under our Privacy Policy. Therefore, we are not liable to (and cannot) determine how these third parties may use the data you supply to them. Furthermore, we make no representation or warranty with respect to the content of any email messages sent to you by such third parties and any goods and/or services which may be obtained from them. By consenting to our terms of use and Privacy Policy, you concur that Plan My Umrah shall have no liability toward you with respect thereto.

Withdrawing Consent

If you would prefer that we not use your personal information for the above-stated purposes or for any form of promotional contact, please indicate so by reaching out to us via email. You can email us at

Changes to Privacy Statement

Any changes or modifications to our Privacy Policy are updated here, ensuring you are always in the know of how we collect and use your information. All your personal data will remain protected and you will still have a choice of whether or not to comply with our changed policy. Your continual use of our website to book services constitutes as your agreement to our changed/updated Privacy Policy.

GDPR Compliant

We understand the importance of privacy in today's fast and ever-changing digital world. As such, we obtain data to fulfil its purpose and then delete it once the objective is accomplished under compliance of GDPR rules and regulations.

Visitors & Cookie Policy

All visitors to our website are served a cookie that allows us to collect aggregated statistics about their use of the site. The purpose of this exercise is to help us improve the website and make it more user-friendly and relevant to all visitors. All data is anonymous and no personally identifiable information is processed or stored, so individual users can never be identified. We do not share this anonymous data with any person or organisation other than our analytics partner who may utilise it for commercial purposes.


While we take all possible steps and security measures to keep your data safe and prevent unauthorised access, please understand that the internet is not a secure environment. Subsequently, we cannot guarantee that the information will remain secure during transmission to our web server. Therefore, it is your obligation and responsibility to ensure you keep your passwords confidential while complying with our security protocols. It is recommended that you do not share such sensitive information with anyone. It is also advisable to use secure devices to make reservations, as it mitigates the threat of hacking and other unethical cybercrimes. We are not liable for any breach of privacy that results from your failure to follow these measures and comply with security protocols. We are also not liable to be held responsible for any privacy breaches that arise out of intentional and/or unauthorised attempts to access the website, such as by hackers.

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